Bermuda – Removing from Zoysia Lawn

Q: How do I remove Bermuda grass that is growing in my Emerald Zoysia lawn?

A: I found this on the Web:

“The postemergence herbicide Fusilade II (click for sources) (active ingredient fluazifop, fluazifop-P-butyl) is labeled by Zeneca (Syngenta) for control of bermudagrass in zoysia.  Always use a non-ionic surfactant with this product. The label says “Applications should be made around June 1 and repeated about every 28 to 30 days.”

The label does not say how many applications are needed, or whether it is possible to eradicate bermuda in zoysia. Rates can vary from 2 to 5 fluid ounces per acre, depending on the situation. The label contains other cautions and should be read prior to application, and followed.

In research by the University of Georgia’s Dr. B. J. Johnson, two successive years of treatment (two applications per year, both at higher than the labeled rate) resulted in reduction of bermudagrass from 35% down to 7%, and increase of zoysia cover from 65% to 85%.

The selective removing of one perennial grass from another perennial grass is often a tedious project requiring diligence.

Ornamec (click for sources) (fluazifop) can also remove bermuda grass from zoysia. It is available from vendors on the Internet.

Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl (Bayer Bermudagrass Control for Lawns can not be used on zoysiagrass.

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