Can I Find Zoysia Fine-Bladed Grass Seed?

Reseeding zoysia

Q: I have a bit of a problem. They had to dig up my lawn and unfortunately left large dirt patches. I’m not 100% sure of the grass I have but I believe it’s fine-bladed zoysia. Do they make a grass seed that I can use to patch this area?

A: I am not quite sure what is the best answer to your problem/question. If it indeed is fine-bladed zoysia, the only available options are Emerald and a couple of variant varieties. Unfortunately, there’s no seed for that, it is only available as sod. I’m not sure if there is zoysia sod available from sod farms at this time of year. The only zoysia seed available is zenith. But you don’t have enough time to get it to sprout before cold weather comes. I think your best bet is to hunt really hard for fine-bladed zoysia sod. If you can’t find that, I think the next best thing would be to cover the dirt with straw and let it sit dormant until time to plant zoysia sod in spring. I would not plant anything there before spring. That would complicate laying sod at the right time.

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