Fescue – How to Lay Bermudagrass Over

Q: I read your tips on laying bermudagrass sod but have a question. My yard currently has fescue. Not the best, lots of bare spots and pretty poor quality. Can I just lay sod over top of the fescue or should I kill the fescue out?

A: If you want to avoid wasting your money, you have to do more than you’ve described. All grasses grow best when they have six inches of soft soil in which the roots can grow. That means you have to kill the fescue, till the area six inches deep (preferably after adding a layer of organic soil conditioner over the top), rake it smooth, roll it once and THEN lay the sod. If you lay the sod over the existing fescue you won’t have good root-to-soil contact and the sod will die.

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