How To Dethatch My Bermuda

how and when to aerate bermudagrass

Q: After several years of build-up, I need to dethatch my Bermuda. Should I
use a vertical mower or can I use a dethatching blade on my rotary mower?

A: Dethatching is not needed if you are maintaining your lawn correctly.
Using the right amount of fertilizer and mowing at the correct height will
eliminate the need to remove a thatch layer. But if you are forced to do so in
order to get on the right track, early June is the right time. Whether you use a
vertical mower or a dethatching blade, set it just high enough to pick up thatch
but not to dig into the dirt. Be aware that dethatching will produce a lot of
plant material that will have to be raked up. In my opinion, good aeration
will accomplish the same as dethatching without the inevitable damage.

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