Kentucky 31 Fescue – Spreading Seed

Q: What setting should I use on a rotary spreader to spread Kentucky 31 fescue seed? Or does it matter?

A: It ^DOES^ matter! You need to apply only 8 – 10 lb. per 1000 sq. feet. If you put down more than that you run the risk of your grass seedlings getting pythium blight, which kills them outright in spring.

First measure the area of your lawn. Let’s say for example it’s 5000 square feet. That means you need to scatter 40 – 50 lb of seed evenly over it. Set your spreader to the one-fourth open mark. Pour in a good amount of seed and go back and forth over the lawn as far as the seed lasts. How much seed is left? If there’s a lot you’ll need to open the spreader setting a bit bigger to apply more seed as you travel. With a little experimentation you’ll get an approximation of how to set the spreader next time. Be sure to note with a permanent marker on the side of your spreader the setting you think works best.

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