Lawns – Planting from Seed

zoysia lawn

If you have a lawn, you want it to look nice….but you also don’t want to spend a fortune getting it established.

For this reason, many homeowners decide to plant a lawn from seed. The process is do-able by one person, usually in one weekend.

However, keep in mind that the two most important factors are choosing the right grass species for your site and thoroughly preparing the soil before seeding.

Here are some quick links:

Planting bermudagrass seed

Planting zoysiagrass seed

Planting fescue seed in a new lawn

Planting fescue seed in an existing lawn

Planting centipedegrass seed

Planting St. Augustinegras seed (impossible)

Planting ryegrass in a bermuda lawn

Planting ryegrass in a zoysia lawn (not recommended)

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