Mowing Wet Lawn – Good or Bad

Q: Is it harmful or undesirable to mow grass when it is wet – like early in the morning when the dew is heavy?

A: Turf expert Clint Waltz says

“There is a lot of grass that is mowed in the morning hours, otherwise professional landscapers could not handle all their accounts and golf course putting greens are typically always mowed in the morning. So it can be done with success.

“However, if the grass is long, or too tall, and leaves clumps after mowing, then the cut leaves do not easily fall into the canopy. These clumps block light from reaching the leaves and retain moisture, a ideal environment for disease to start.

“Wet clippings also tend to adhere to the mower and can make a mess. Waiting until the canopy is dry is ideal and needs less clean-up.

“I prefer to mow my lawn in the afternoon from a convenience factor, but then I don’t mind the heat – in fact I like it when it’s hot.”

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