Prodiamine And Dimension Products – Will It Affect Zoysia Development

Q: I have a small zoysiagrass bed I use as a source of plugs for replacing my fescue. I want to put out pre-emergent to cut down on goosegrass and crabgrass in the lawn but the label of prodiamine and Dimension products say the chemicals inhibit root development. Will this affect the already slow-establishing zoysia?

A: This is exactly why reading product labels is important! You are correct that the pre-emergent chemicals might inhibit rooting of the zoysia plugs. Zoysiagrass spreads slowly so you don’t want to inhibit it with anything. One option is to mow the area you’re plugging frequently at a 2 inch height. This will inhibit the fescue but allow the zoysia to spread easily. If you are careful you can spot spray clumps of crabgrass or goose grass using Roundup to kill them and cut down on competition

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