Thermal Blue – Seed Sources

Q: Where can I find pure ‘Thermal Blue’ bluegrass seed. I would like to overseed my fescue lawn.

A: ‘Thermal Blue’ is just one of the new heat tolerant bluegrasses introduced in the last year by Scotts Seed. Others include ‘Dura Blue’, ‘Solar Green’, and ‘Blue Blaze’.

According to Scotts spokesman Ashton Ritchie, none of the new bluegrass seed are sold in pure form on the homeowner market. They are sold in the “Heat Tolerant Blue” series, mixed with superior fescue seed or other bluegrasses.

Because these grass seeds have only been available for a short time, the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) has not yet evaluated their performance over several years. Without unbiased research, I’m not comfortable recommending the bluegrass unreservedly but most homeowners who’ve tried it seem pleased.

Let me know your results in a couple of years!

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