Zenith Zoysia sod – Watering

Q: My landscape company laid 6500 sq. ft. of ‘Zenith’ zoysia sod in early June. The irrigation company then installed a five-zone sprinkler system. The irrigation folks suggested running the zones full blast each day when I can water. My water meter says I’m using just over 4,000 gallons per watering. I’m afraid I may be killing the sod with 12,000 gallons per week.

A: Yes, I think you’re overwatering a bit. A new sod install needs one inch of water per 1000 sq ft. immediately. One inch of water is 600 gallons. Multiplying 6.5 times 600 gives us 3900 gallons per watering. This is pretty close to 4000 gallons your meter indicates. However, you only need to do that one time. After the initial soaking, your job is simply to keep the sod moist until it roots into the underlying soil; perhaps one-quarter to one-half inch at a time. If you continue to put down 12,000 gallons per week, root rot will overtake your zoysiagrass. Sod watering details at (BROKEN) Sod – Watering New

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