Zoysia – Simple Maintenance

Q: I need information on the Empire zoysia sod I had installed this summer. I am particularly interested in how to fertilize and protect from disease.

A: Zoysiagrass is an excellent lawn grass if maintained correctly. It needs less fertilizer than bermudagrass and is very drought tolerant. Like bermuda, it turns brown in winter but it changes to green a couple of weeks earlier than bermuda. Zoysia should be mowed weekly no higher than 2.5 inches. In my experience, it rarely gets disease unless watered too often. A deep drenching once a week during July and August is all that’s needed. Watering in fall is a great way to invite large patch disease to your lawn. Fertilize once when the grass turns green in spring and again at eight week intervals. I have care calendars for all lawns grasses at  http://www.walterreeves.com/lawn-care/lawn-care-calendars-and-factsheets/

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