Zoysia – Weeds After Dog Arrives

Q: I’ve always had problems with winter weeds in my zoysia. Last year we got an active dog that runs around a lot. This is what my lawn looks like now. I do not like using chemicals much.

A: The green grass is annual bluegrass. It’s common for it to sprout in areas that have been disturbed…. as when the dog trampled the existing zoysia

There are no organic products that will prevent annual bluegrass. The best you can do is use an organic spray that kills it…but, unless you are very careful, this will hurt your zoysia too.

See Organic Lawn Weed Products

If you can’t keep the dog off of the grass you’ll continue to have weeds sprouting up in the bare spots.

Do your best to manage the zoysia perfectly so it spreads as fast as possible…. but expect to use some sort of weed killer regularly on weeds that sprout up.

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