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    08 / 10 / 2016

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    Kristie Hutto


WEED will grow tall and bushy if allowed. Breaks easily. Easy to pull up. Sun or shade. Sap is sticky to the touch. Very invasive. Help me kill it without killing my plants.


  • stone Master Identifier says:

    People call them born pregnant… Fatoua villosa… All I can suggest is to be persistent with this one, and practice good hygiene with your clean up. Most plants, I pull and leave as mulch. This one… Gets carried to the grill. I tell everybody to make sure that the container they place the pulled ones in while weeding… Has no holes… Can’t use a planting container, it will spread these things. Even worse, the deer eat it, and spread the seeds around when they poop. You can try a nice deep mulch, I’m partial to woodchips. A nice deep mulch will prevent germination of the seeds in the soil…and make it easier to weed. Good luck, and warn anyone that you share plants with…. This invasive is known as a nursery weed…. Hitch hiking to the new yard with those plants people purchase. Any soil from your yard is going to be full of seeds from this nusiance.

    August 15th, 2016 at 12:17pm

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