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    09 / 27 / 2016

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    Jensen Beach

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    Michelle Carr


This shrub is about 9 feet in height, multiple limbs, it had tiny white teardrop clusters of scented white flowers in the spring and now has been forming these berries that are changing color. I do not know the final color of the berries. this tree grows and kinda looks like a ficus. they are planted in groups of three and have been shaped into umbrella tops and are quite pleasing to look at. One grouping is in full sun, the other in partial shade. The full sun seems to be a better fit.


  • laura735 Unregistered says:

    Not able to see its flowers, I’m taking a guess here. This could be one of species of the fiddlewood (Citharexylum). There is a FL. native called C. spinosum. I don’t know which one is yours. Link below with images of various Citharexylum species. If this isn’t fiddlewood, make new post with flowers photo when it blooms. Best wishes!

    September 28th, 2016 at 1:56pm

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