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    08 / 19 / 2017

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    Jake Crisfield


I’ve had a raised bed for many years where I grow simple things like chives, okra, tomatoes, and peppers. I have had amended soil for years, and take out the top layer of dead vegetation before each planting season. This year, I have these small “weeds” that number in dozens per square foot. They are about 18-30″ tall and they are EVERYWHERE. I can’t figure out where they came from. What are they, and what would cause them to proagate like this?


  • Jake Crisfield Registered says:

    Thanks for the identification. Any idea why I would go from zero of these for more than 10 years to hundreds all of a sudden this year? Why did they appear for the first time ever when I’ve never had anything like that before? Same location, but obviously I did something different. Could these seeds have been in some mulch or soil that I bought?

    August 22nd, 2017 at 8:17am

  • Metrosideros Master Identifier says:

    Looks like a Spermacoce, Buttonweed.

    August 21st, 2017 at 2:50pm

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