Dominion – Use for Azalea Lacebug

azalea lace bug damage

Q: Can I use Dominion insecticide to control azalea lace bug? It has the same ingredient as the “tree & shrub systemics” I see for sale at garden stores but Dominion is more concentrated.

A: Dominion 2L insecticide is labeled for use on homeowner trees and ornamentals. It contains imidacloprid and should be effective against azalea lacebug, gardenia whitefly and crapemyrtle aphid. It is not a Registered Use Pesticide (available only by license) but the label recommends it for use “by professional personnel licensed or registered by the state to apply termiticide, turf maintenance, nursery/greenhouse, and/or landscaping/ornamental products.”

The key is mixing it appropriately. Dominion is very concentrated and a little goes a long way.

For shrub use, the label recommends 3 to 6 mL per foot of shrub height. How will you measure such a small amount and distribute it evenly? I suppose you could use a syringe to measure the chemical (1 teaspoon = 5 ml) and after determining how much in total is needed for a shrub, then mix it in 5 gallons of water which could be drenched around the shrub.

Overuse of imidacloprid can be harmful to the environment, particularly water-dwelling creatures.

Dominion 2L label

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azalea lace bug damage

azalea lace bug damage

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