Olive Tree Recommendations

Q: I am interested in getting an olive tree to grow indoors. Do you have
suggestions regarding the variety that would be best suited? Do you sell any
olive trees that would be suitable? I have 10-foot ceilings and a very bright
space with extremely large windows and eastern exposure. I think olive trees
are beautiful, and I like indoor plants. I’m not concerned about whether or not
the tree would bear fruit. 

A: Much to my surprise, I found that olive trees can be grown indoors and
you have the perfect space in which to do it. Bright light is key to their
success. Arbequina and Picholine are olive varieties suitable for indoor
growing. Use a large container filled with fast-draining material, like cactus
soil. Little fertilizer is needed; water when your finger, pushed an inch into the
soil, comes back dry. You’re not likely to harvest any fruit but the attractive
leaves and growth habit make an olive tree a great indoor addition.

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