Propagation of Mango from Seed

Q: Can you tell me how to propagate mangos from seeds?

A: Pick a very ripe fruit, peel it, then remove and eat the pulp. Let the flattened seed inside dry for a few days to make it easier to handle. When you can hold it without it squirting out of your hands use heavy kitchen shears to gently remove the thick skin of the seed. Remove the bean-like interior and place it, concave side down, most of the way into an eight inch pot filled with potting soil. Enclose in a clear plastic bag and place in a warm spot. Roots and stem will appear in two weeks. Remove the plastic bag and let the plant develop in a sunny window. Pinch out the tip of the stem when it has four leaves. Remember that mango is a tropical plant and will never grow large enough to bear fruit in Atlanta.

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