Muscadine – Transplanting and Propagation

Q: A close friend has a vine of the largest, sweetest muscadines I have ever seen or tasted. What is the best way for me to propagate and transplant a vine from this plant ?

A: The University of Georgia collaborated on the introduction of several good muscadines, including ‘Cowart’, ‘Triumph’ and ‘Noble’. All are far superior to the native muscadines found growing in the woods of Georgia. The best way to propagate one is simply to bend a long whip until it touches the earth and bury a twelve inch section a few inches underground. Allow six inches of the whip to protrude out of the soil beyond the buried portion. Although some root growth will occur this winter, it’s best to wait until next fall before you clip the rooted section from the mother vine and move it to your landscape. By the way, ‘Noble’ muscadine has been found to contain more antioxidants than blueberries. These grapes are delicious and healthy! Details on muscadine culture at

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