Wild Onions – Control in Horse Pasture

Q: How should I deal with wild onions in a horse pasture? I have been digging them up slowly but if there is an alternative I would sure appreciate knowing about it.

A: According to weed expert Tim Murphy: “There is a wide range of herbicides that can be used to control wild garlic (wild onions) and numerous broadleaf weeds in horse pastures. These include 2,4-D, WeedMaster, Grazon P+D, PastureGard and Forefront. None of these herbicides, or other pasture herbicides, have grazing restrictions that pertain to horses, beef cattle etc. With most herbicides, grazing restrictions pertain only to lactating dairy animals (cow, goat) where milk is intended for human consumption. With some herbicides there are haying restrictions that pertain to horses, but these are no different than for the other livestock species. These are shown on the respective herbicide labels.”

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