Croatia Trip Announcement – 2018

One of my favorite travel memories is the fresh seafood dinner (including a huge platter of fried calamari) I was served in Dubrovnik thirty years ago. The cost? Only $5.00.

While I think prices have gone up since then, the food of the Dalmatian coast remains delicious. And the open air markets, ancient seaside towns, Roman ruins, Venetian palaces, wine tastings and beautiful gardens still remain, awaiting visitors.

That’s where I’ll be Sept 20 – Oct. 1, 2018. And you can join me on another of my garden jaunts to interesting places around the world!

We’ll explore Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, and then fly south to the walled city of Dubrovnik for three days. Our journey continues to the sunny Dalmatian islands where we’ll cruise from island to island on board the newly launched, first class MV Black Swan. With a capacity of just 38 guests, this is small ship cruising at its best!

All the details are here: Explore Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast with Walter Reeves

But here’s something you need to know: there will be a lot of interest in this trip from folks who have gone with me to South Africa, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Cuba.

If you’re interested, talk over the trip with your family, go to the Earthbound Expeditions website above, read the details of how to indicate your interest to them, and make your decision soon. Note that deposits are refundable under certain conditions.

Most importantly, have no fear that “I won’t know anyone.” (you know me!), “What if the people aren’t nice?” (we’re gardeners, silly. We’re nice by nature!), or “Will my spouse enjoy it?” (there is something for everyone on this trip! Gardeners, non-gardeners, foodies, walkers and lazy folks can always find something to enjoy.)

If you have personal questions, just CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME.

You only live once! I hope you’ll join us!

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