How To be Sherlock Holmes in the Landscape

I receive more than 5000 emails a year asking my advice on solving landscape problems.

I can’t keep all that information in my head so I depend on several websites to give me the first clues to identify the problem and figure out what’s going on.

I sometimes feel as if I’m working as Sherlock Holmes in the landscape……and sometimes as a detective among the millions of possible websites. But my motto always remains:

“The truth is out there – – if you just know where to look.”

Here are some of the sites I use:



Trees of Alabama and the Southeast

Florida Plants Online Guide to Florida Plant Life

Oregon State University Landscape Plants

Wildflower, Herb, and wild medicinal plant picture gallery

Brigham Young University – Flower Images

Brigham Young University – Vegetable Images

Brigham Young University – Plant Images

Foliage Houseplant Images

Tropical Plants


Diseases of Leyland Cypress in the Landscape

Turfgrass Diseases in Georgia

Vegetable Diseases Fact Sheets listed by Crop

Ohio Plant Disease Fact Sheet Index

Texas A&M Tomato Problem Solver

Missouri Disorders of Vegetables



Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

North Carolina Insects of Ornamentals and Turf

Clemson Beneficial Insect Images

Auburn University Department of Entomology Publications

Clemson Vegetable Insect Factsheets

A Guide to Missouri Spiders

Auburn Guide to Recognition of Stinging Caterpillars

Butterflies of North America

The Butterfly Web Site

Beetles from A – Z

Caterpillars of Eastern Forests


Audubon Society Creature I.D. Guides

U.S. Geological Survey Creature I.D. Guides

Wildlife Damage Identification

Univ of Illinois Herpetology Pictures

Online Guide to the Snakes of Florida

Snakes of North America


Virginia Tech Fruits & Vegetables

California Rare Fruit Growers – Unusual Fruit

Auburn Citrus for Southern and Coastal Alabama

Southeastern Palm and Exotic Plant Society Hardy Citrus

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