How to Maintain Your Mower


Maybe you were one of those who can’t resist the ‘call of the turf’ this year. If you begin mowing (assuming you could get your machine started!) without doing some preliminary maintenance, you could damage your mower and your lawn.

Was the oil changed and blade sharpened before it first was used? Or was the trusty clipper hauled out of the garage and fired up without a thought?

It bears repeating that lawn mowers last longer if the oil is changed once each year. They also run better if the air filter is cleaned regularly.

Turf looks better when cut by a sharp blade because the cut ends of grass blades are left smooth rather than ragged. Mulching mowers, in particular, benefit from regular replacement or sharpening of the blade.

Oil and blade maintenance isn’t hard to do. Just upturn four concrete blocks in a diamond pattern and set the mower on top to gain easy access to the blade and the oil drain bolt.



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