How To Keep Possums Out Of A Horse Barn And Pasture

Q: Is there any way to keep possums out of a horse barn and pasture? Their feces can carry a serious horse disease. 

A: The disease is called Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM).

I had never heard of this possum problem! I am not a veterinarian but in my brief reading, it looks like contaminated feed and water are the main places where horses can become infected with the parasite in possum feces.

When you are trying to manage a nuisance animal, the first step always is to remove sources of food, water, and shelter. Go through your barn and make sure there’s no way for possums to get into the hay or into the feed storage area. Never leave cat food out. Clean up spilled feed in the stalls. Wash feed buckets after every meal. Disinfect water buckets regularly.

Although it is possible, I doubt there is much contamination of pasture grass from possum poop. If a possum defecates in the grass, sunshine, rain, and oxygen plus soil creatures will decompose the stuff in just a few days.

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