Crabgrass – Seeds

Q: I want to grow crabgrass. Yes, crabgrass. A piece of my property has very poor, eroded soil and nothing grows there except crabgrass. Where can I get crabgrass seeds? I know it goes dormant in winter; I simply want to get some going from scratch.

A: Why not plant kudzu? It’s a perennial vine, not an annual grass, and it is an excellent erosion control. But, seriously folks……..I think you have better choices than crabgrass. Why not plant common bermudagrass seed right before a rain? Bermudagrass will spread quickly and hold the soil better than crabgrass in winter. Remember that crabgrass seed germinates best in spring. If you were to plant it now, most seed would remain dormant, even in the presence of water. I’ve never heard of crabgrass seed for sale, but if you find some please let me know so I can alert your neighbors!

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