Detention Vault – Covering with Grass

Q: Our client wants to cover a detention vault with concrete and then plant grass over at least part of it. The rest of the landscaping will consist of potted trees and plants, probably a path of some sort with a formal look, a gazebo and play area are also planned. How much soil would be required for grass to grow and what would you suggest to allow for drainage? The vault will be surrounded with a brick wall that rises above the cover to contain the soil. Weep holes would be required, of course, in the brick, but what other things would you recommend? The county has approved the concept and the client is now having the cover engineered. It would be helpful to have your input during this phase. Do you know of any such project and how it was done?

A: I think your best bet for expertise is Ernie Higgins at ItSaulNatural he has lots of experience with engineered, lightweight soil for green roofs.
Phone – 800.301.2887

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