Eastern Red Cedar – Transplanting

Q: We have some old-growth woods behind our home and found these trees. Might you tell me what kind they are? How far apart should I space them? I am thinking of placing them between my house and the neighbors where the birds that we feed might light on them.

A:They are redcedar….which most folks call Eastern red cedar or Virginia cedar.

Redcedar, Juniperus virginiana, is a native evergreen tree seen far and wide under fence lines where birds have deposited the seeds. They survive MUCH better when transplanted “small rather than tall”. I wouldn’t attempt to move any that are over six feet high unless you have a motorized tree spade. Though yours are small now, throw some organic fertilizer (Milorganite, Holly-Tone, Sure Start, etc) in the hole to get them off to a good start. They will eventually be forty feet tall.

They like full sunshine and can be spaced 10′ – 20′ apart.

Birds love the berries and often make nests in these trees.


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