Fertilizer Burn – Bringing Back Burned Grass

Q: Last fall, I thought it would be nice to “weed and feed” my lawn and get rid of the weeds. I did – – five times. I didn’t realize so much fertilizer would hurt the grass. I actually killed everything EXCEPT the weeds! I am now “that silly girl with the dead lawn” on my block. How can I bring my lawn back?

A: Time heals many things. In this case, it may have healed your lawn. Fertilizer gradually disappears in the presence of sunshine and rain. You have plenty of that on the coast, even in winter. St. Augustinegrass is the most common turf in Florida but it can not be planted from seed. You can have your lawn sodded now or you can inquire if a local sod company will plant a new lawn using sprigs and save you a little money. I vote for the sod solution. You already have a problem with weeds; tilling and then laying sod will help get them under control.

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