Sod – Three Days Delay in Laying

Q: The company that is installing my new lawn ordered 6 pallets of sod to be delivered and installed today. Due to the heavy rain in our area they were unable to do the install today but said they would be here in 3 days to do so. My question is, should they order fresh sod in or do you think what I have now will be okay to stay stacked on the pallets for 3 days?

A: There are several things to think about.

If the pallets are positioned in the shade, that would be much better than having sun on them.

A lot depends on how wet the sod was when it was originally harvested and stacked. If it was wet, the composting process will start in the center of the sod stack. It will get really hot and deteriorate much of the grass in the middle of the stack.

Make plans to be on site when the sod is laid this weekend. If you have any concerns about sod pieces that seem to be slimy or rotten, call that to the attention of the installer.

I am hopeful they offer you some sort of guarantee that this sod will green up as expected next spring.

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