Ambrosia Beetles – Sweet Gum Trees

Q: I have ambrosia beetles on 3 recently cut down sweet gum stumps in the area. Due to the location of the stumps, I can’t have them ground (too disruptive to the dry creek bed and proximity to the retaining wall) Any thoughts on what I should do – if anything? I don’t want the nearby magnolia trees to be attacked by these pesky bugs too! 

A: Unbelievable, I have never seen ambrosia beetles in a cut stump before!

As you know, insecticide sprayed once they are in is useless to kill them.

But I don’t think you’ll do any harm by leaving the stump in place. Ambrosia beetles require a certain humidity for the eggs to hatch in the tree. Your sweetgum stump will surely dry somewhat before next spring, making it inhospitable for further beetle attacks.

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