Bermudagrass Lawn – Lawn Care In Atlanta

Q: I’m from Canada and have recently moved to Atlanta. How do I tell if I have bermuda or fescue grass? We’re desperate to have a nice lawn in a very nice neighbourhood. We’re not in Toronto anymore!

A: Welcome South! I know you’re missing your poutine, peameal sandwiches and Pablum but our grits, barbeque and okra will soon make you forget Tim Hortons! You likely have a bermuda lawn. Both bermudagrass and zoysiagrass are brown in winter but bermudagrass is most commonly used in metro subdivision lawns. The biggest chore right now is to apply a pre-emergent to prevent summer weeds. You can begin fertilizing when your lawn is fifty percent green. I have tips on how to determine what lawn grass you have at I’ve also collected care calendars for each lawn grass at (BROKEN).

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