Can I Burn Pampas Grass In The Spring?

burning spring

Q: Could you explain the reason you don’t recommend burning pampas grass in spring? I am weary of cutting back this monster every year, and it is impossible to scrape out all the dead junk in the middle: it is too tightly packed! We divided it six years ago and it was a chore! I decided if it ever grew that large again, I would get Hubby to rent a backhoe to do the work. Now it already has a big dead spot in the middle. 

A: The goal is to keep the middle of the clump open so new sprouts can grow each year. And I agree with you that even a gloved hand will have a hard time raking stuff out. But burning a clump runs the risk of cooking the interior AND setting unintended fires nearby. Burning pampas grass fibers and plumes will lift above the fire and be carried away by any light breeze. If the plant is problematic, rent a backhoe and get rid of it for good.

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