Lawn Damage – Plastic Pool

Q: Three days ago I noticed a spot in my bermudagrass that was bleached blond. The next day there was another blond circle. It appeared overnight.

Today there is another 4-5 ft circle. All are at least 40 ft apart.

These look like crop circles. Are aliens landing in my yard at night?

A: Is there any chance the blow-up pool in the second picture was previously sitting on the yellow spot?

The gardener’s response:

“Well, now I feel like an idiot. I realized minutes after I sent the email that I had put the pool on the first spot for about an hour to find a leak. The next day I put it where the second circle was so I could mow around it. The 3rd day we had a storm and the pool blew off the cement and was where the 3rd spot showed up.

“The spots are turning green again now.”

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