Zoysia – Planting in Long Island, New York

Q: My parents sold their house that has a beautiful Emerald Zoysia lawn, and the buyer is knocking down the house to build a much bigger one.

We can take the Zoysia grass and I want to transplant it on my non Zoysia lawn.

A couple of questions:
1. Is it too late this year to plant?
2. Can I rent a sod cutting machine to cut up the zoysia and then plant it at my house like non zoysia sod?
3. Is there a way to keep the zoysia from spreading to my garden?
4. If I cannot plant now, can the zoysia be “stored” in sod form, and planted in the spring?

A: A: It’s going to be tough to keep it alive this winter – and you can’t store it, it has to be planted as soon as possible.

Your biggest problem is keeping it from drying out this winter since it won’t grow many roots in your cold soil now

Till the areas where you plan to put it, use a sod machine set to cut as deeply as it possibly can, get some strong friends to help, and pray for a mild winter.

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