Zoysiagrass – Overseed with Ryegrass

Q: I have always wanted a green lawn in winter. How much will it hurt my zoysiagrass lawn to overseed with ryegrass this winter?

A: Turf researcher Dr. Clint Waltz says there is no real reason or advantage to overseed warm-season turf. You will inevitably harm the permanent turfgrass by planting ryegrass into it. Ryegrass competes for nutrients the lawn will need next spring. In addition, fertilizing the ryegrass may make the turfgrass more easily winter-damaged. That said, bermudagrass is the only warm-season grass that can usually overcome the stresses of overseeding. Zoysiagrass grows too thickly to allow ryegrass seed to penetrate to the soil and germinate. Enjoy the golden brown of your zoysiagrass and don’t overseed with rye.

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