Larger Canna Leaf Roller – Identification and Control

Q: What is biting my canna leaves?

A: It’s a canna leaf roller, specifically the larger canna leaf roller, as opposed to the lesser canna leaf roller.

A moth, called the Brazilian skipper, lays her eggs on the canna leaves. When the pests hatch, they stitch the edges of the young leaves together, making a perfect hiding place. Keep an eye on the leaves as they unfurl and pull them apart.

The “bite marks” you see are caused when the caterpillar chews straight through a young leaf before it unrolls.

If you find a grub, flip it onto a surface nearby where a bird can get a snack. If you have too many plants to watch individually, spray the leaves as they unroll with Bacillus thuringiensis (click for sources).

see Larger Canna Leaf Roller

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