Sod – Weed Protection

Q: I planted zoysia sod in November. Now I see weeds coming up between the sections of sod. Is it time for a weed killer?

A: I don’t recommend applying herbicide to grass that isn’t fully rooted. Zoysia planted in November has few roots now. I think spraying glyphosate (Roundup, Kleen-Up, etc) on a foam paintbrush and brushing it onto green weeds is the best weed-killing technique at this point. In May, when the zoysia is fully green, look for products that contain quinclorac or sulfentrazone plus other herbicidal chemicals. Use a hose end sprayer to apply weed killer to the entire lawn. In the future, remember that the best herbicide is a lush, vigorous lawn. Be sure your lawn maintenance is top-notch.

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