Fescue – Overwatered

Q: I have a fescue lawn that receives plenty of water, as I have a well. I am watering once a day. I was watering twice a day, but some areas were getting pretty saturated, and we have received some good rain lately. Now I’m getting these brown patches. I have not treated for insects. Is that my problem?

A: It can’t be an insect problem. With this much water, they’d be DROWNED by now! Overwatering is your problem.

You should be watering ONCE per week….one inch each time. You may need to reseed this September to fill the dead areas. Since you have a well, keeping the seed moist won’t be a problem. After the seedlings have been mowed once you can stop watering for the winter. You won’t need to water again until the weather doesn’t bring rain for 10 days after May of next year.

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