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    01 / 09 / 2015

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    San Mateo

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One branch put out a bloom now, but usually this blooms late summer. I bought it at Home Depot but don’t have a record of what it was called and they don’t recognize it a few years later. Grows at least a foot per year, leaves are in opposing pairs at 90 degrees from older leaves, bloom stalks emerge from leaf joint. Any ideas??


  • ernsch Apprentice says:

    Stone: Thanks for trying, but the link you provided shows leaves wrapping around the stem, broad where they connect, and the flowers are wrong. Laura nailed it! I’m pleased and impressed that people responded, now all I have to do is find a place to buy them. seems to be my only option, and they don’t have the same variety.

    January 14th, 2015 at 12:13am

  • Laura Unregistered says:

    Looks like a type of Hebe. Sorry, I am not able to get you closer than that. It is a very large genus with many species and cultivars.

    January 13th, 2015 at 8:25pm

  • stone Master Identifier says:

    You bought it? Sure looks like the dreaded purple loosestrife…(Lythrum salicaria) There’s a lot of press about this flower, but it’s difficult to find any pictures as good as the one you posted… try this page from the Mass extension: Click the pics… see what you think. There are native ca lythrums… Maybe you can find a local nursery that will provide a suitable replacement…

    January 13th, 2015 at 4:55pm

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