How Much To Prune My Ficus Tree

Q: I have a ten-foot-tall ficus tree that has become super top-heavy. I’d rather
it be no taller than head high. Would I kill it by pruning that much?

A: Ficus trees have an amazing ability to regrow after pruning so I think you
can be successful. It’s important to remember that new sprouts will only occur
within six inches below any cut you make. So if you want a full head of
greenery that is only six feet high, you need to make your pruning cut three or
four feet from the floor. The best time to do this is in spring when it is warm
enough to leave your ficus outdoors overnight in a place where it gets bright
shade during the day. When new sprouts start growing, give it houseplant
fertilizer. Repeat in July. Water when the soil is dry. I think you’ll have a nice
looking plant when you bring it indoors in October.

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