Centerpieces – Grass

Q: My daughter is getting married in late June. In clear glass containers, I want to make centerpieces of really thick grass into which we can place cut flowers. What kind of grass do I need to plant for this?

I’ve seen gorgeous arrangements just as you describe. Go to a health food store and buy wheat seed, such as that used to make wheatgrass juice. Put a half-inch layer of seed in a container, moisten it thoroughly and cover with clear plastic. Put it on top of your refrigerator to keep it warm. The seed will start sprouting in a few days. Remove the plastic and move the container to a very sunny window. Turn it each day so the sprouts don’t lean in one direction. When they are tall enough for your purposes, shear the seedlings with scissors. I recommend you start experimenting NOW to see how long it takes to grow the sprouts to a useful height. It will give you one less thing to worry about before the big day!

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