Fescue Plant-Seed Drop

Q: When can I expect fescue plants to drop seed? I have not mowed at all this year in my field.

A: Fescue drops seed way past the time when the seeds are mature. The seed is mature when the top six inches of the stalk is yellow. But many people believe mowing before the seeds mature is better for your fescue pasture because when seeds are produced it slows down vegetative growth. They mow before the stalks turn yellow. If you are grazing cattle or horses on your pasture make sure the fescue does not have endophyte in it. This fungus can harm grazing animals. If you have grazing animals, it’s better to kill the existing pasture and reseed with endophyte-free fescue. I have details on pasture management at http://www.walterreeves.com/gardening-q-and-a/pasture-management/

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